A morning out of sorts at PumpjackPiddlewick

It all happens at once, sometimes. Made that mistake of falling back asleep this morning and awoke groggy and out of sorts at 7am to the ducks yelling ‘Oy!! Out now! We are not happy about this!’

Getting up, there were 3 cat faces staring at me saying ‘what time do you call this?!? Breakfast, now!’ Tuna dispensed as I had run out of cat food and their food order had yet to arrive. Normally a favourite, it was now sniffed at, noses turned up and I was presented with 3 bottoms. I gather it was not the right kind of tuna.

Stumbling bleary eyed down the stairs and outside, water bucket filled, water bowls changed, lettuce put down ready for the onslaught. The stable door couldn’t be opened fast enough as all the ducks tried to squeeze out the opening, amongst lots of telling me off.

Coming back in the house to find Pumpjack had been woken by the doorbell and was receiving a parcel delivery. That’s a truly early service. The cat food had arrived, but the cats had disappeared. Such is life out of sorts.

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