Did you know rabbits like to tidy? We discovered this ourselves at PumpjackPiddlewick

Did you know rabbits are very tidy? They certainly let me know when I recently ‘cleaned up’ their house. I obviously did not do it to their standard…

Winter’s done and dusted and the rabbits have let it be known that they are getting too warm now in their winterised house. It was time to start opening it up – a little – as nights are still quite cold. 

I removed the straw insulating the roof of their house. (This then got added to the duck nesting area.) It was an opportunity to clean the inside of the rabbit house as well.  This means removing wood shavings and hay and putting in fresh. All duly done. And all with the help of Hobbs.

Hobbs is our adventurer and the one with the most curiosity. He’s the one who, if we are in amongst the rabbits, we always have to be looking down at our feet. Sure enough, there he will be. He has no fear. 

And when I clean their house, he likes to help.  He has to check out everything I am doing and move bits around. (Usually what I have just moved to get out of the way).

Today he was diligently moving straw about, tidying up. I had to stop what I was doing and just watch him. I had read that rabbits like to tidy their house, and here was an example in full throttle.

He picked up various pieces of straw, one by one, and placed them down, well, somewhere else. Somewhere important to a rabbit. It took him about 15 minutes, but not a stray piece of straw was left sticking out.

The others two came to check out our work, and upon seeing it was good, they all returned to outside to eat grass. Such is a busy rabbits day.

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