We have a duckling, Maggie, and a kitten, Gigi, who live, more or less, in harmony together. Except for the occasional playful pounce, much to the disgust of our Maggie.  We have a sort of routine going. Gigi has learned that if she wakes me at dawn she has me all to herself as Maggie sleeps until it is a bit lighter. Gigi and I play, snuggle, pet and purr for about an hour, before I get up to feed her and then let her out and go down to let the other animals out (rabbits, chickens and ducks).

When I get back, it’s Maggie’s turn, and she is usually ready to let me know this when she hears me open the door. I get back in bed with my coffee and book, and Maggie. She loves to run around on the bed, playing with her various toys. Her current favourites are votive candles in glass jars. She takes them out and puts them back, making a very satisfying noise. Sometimes her attention is diverted by some bubble wrap, my kindle or even my hair, but mostly she likes to play with the candles – they make more noise.

Occasionally Gigi joins us and will also play. The two of them watch each other and then swap toys. (We could call it sibling rivalry – ‘I want to play with that! Gimme!’ or I could be optimistic and just think it is very cute.)  What has become apparent is that as Gigi grows out of a toy, Maggie takes it up.

Maggie would watch from her cushion on the sofa when I would play with Gigi. Then when Gigi would go off to do her thing, Maggie would come down off her throne and take up where Gigi had left off. Her latest all time favourite is mouse on a string.  She bats it around, just like Gigi did, though in a slightly more duck-like fashion.  Once she even managed to break the string and then stood proudly over the ‘dead’ mouse, not letting me anywhere near  her capture.  She very obviously preened with pride.


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