taking time before the New Year here at PumpjackPiddlewick

This time before the change from old to new year is my absolute favourite. Not just because there is a majorly fun holiday in there, or two, but it is a time for the cobwebs of the mind to be swept out and new beginnings to get a consideration.

With Christmas postal deadlines coming to pass and sales slowing down, my heart can turn to other projects. These next two weeks are like a little holiday, when all our regular scheduled work takes a breather. Office tools are downed, sort of, and the creative cap can be put on.

The holiday decorations are being aired and will be going up this week. And to Tree or not to Tree is currently the question. We’re toying with making a sort of tree. Or at least something to hang decorations on. (As you may know, much to Pumpjack’s consternation, I have a passion for pallets, and I have found some great tree ideas made from a pallet.)

Yesterday saw Big Dig 3(!) commence. This came about rather by accident. Mild weather and a digging of worms in the duck enclosure unearthed a stone wall. Then a corner. Then a continuing stone wall. Curiosity has no bounds here, and so of course I wish to see where the wall leads to. More digging must ensue therefore, much to the happy expectations of the ducks.

Some Christmas kind of New Year cards have been made and I will enjoy moments over the next few weeks, taking time to write to friends, old and new. Other cards are still works in progress but the opportunity of creating with paper is always a draw for those cold rainy days. That and a good book.

A whole slew of vintage silk scarves have just come in for my French Scarf shop. I had a buying blitz this past week as I spotted one or two beautiful and unusual gems. A wonderful surprise was that one has turned out to be a 1956 vintage Hermes! I can’t wait to clean them up, photograph and get them into the shop in time for the new year.

And last, but certainly not least, will be some photography and eventually designing. In pursuant of following my heart not just down the vintage path, but the creative side too, a new shop is planned to open in the New Year. This one will focus on printables, imagery and designs that you can download and use for your own creativity. Of course there will be a vintage slant. At least to start as there is lots of old ephemera to photograph in preparation.

The joy of this new project is the chance also to learn and hone some new skills. Indoor tripod photography, lighting, digital design, download options, and best of all design work. Lots of planned elements beyond the shop opening as the new year gets underway as well.

So watch this space, and I hope you will tag along with me over the ensuing weeks to see what unfolds. And in the meantime, may you enjoy your own ‘quiet’ time, whatever that entails, before we enter this forthcoming new year.

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