My customers are amazing people. Let's find out why at PumpjackPiddlewick

There are particularly some days when I really love having my Shops. Yesterday was one of those days. Well, actually the whole weekend. All because my customers often make my day.

My Customers

I have a regular customer of my specialist French Silk Scarf shop that is vision impaired. I don’t know to what extent, and honestly, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that she likes texture, especially silk textures. Which is something I adore. We also discuss colour.

She knows what suits her. I get an outline of what she is looking for. Then I go through my scarves, looking at those that are within the brief. And then feel them. A write up is done outlining the style, shape, size, colours, finishings, type of silk, and textures. It’s really a fun way to consider my scarves.

I love my repeat customers as each time a little bit more is revealed about them. Like a parcel being unwrapped. Their tastes, personality, interests…

A Bit of Soul

That’s the thing about online shopping, it can be a little soulless. Sometimes that is good. Like say, when I need to buy a large roll of bubble wrap. I know what I want and just need to buy it. But sometimes there are more personal aspects. And then a conversation is needed.

I normally try to not work the weekends. That’s the thing about an online shop, there can be this sense of 24/7 availability. And it certainly is tempting when it comes to customer service to be available all the time. So it is up to the owner to manage the time, and expectations. Now with my additional guiding work, my time for my online shop has had to become more varied.

Working Weekends

Consequently, it made working this past weekend all the more special to be able to converse with my customers. (Okay, technically typing, but it feels like a conversation.)

So these conversations were all about texture and silk from Lyon. Two different customers. Two completely different conversations, but all with the same aim, to find the perfect gift, one for themselves the other for a loved one.


If you wish to know more about silk and scarves, I have researched and written a number of articles in my Shop French Silk Scarves posts. Information from 17 lesser known designers to types of silk. Happy reading!

And here’s a sampling from My Shop of types of silk scarves through the decades:

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