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It isn’t all about France, France, France here. In fact, for us, it’s often more about Cluck, Quack, Meow and Woof. So, we are taking the path less travelled today and our Vive le Livre Book Club is recommending a lovely and humourous book about Backyard Chickens called Mucky Cluckers, Tales from the Chicken Run by Trish Colton.

Backyard Chickens

The title alone was enough for us to want to read it. We do so love a tongue in cheek, bring a wry smile to our face description. Add in that it is a book, diary in style, of observations of chicken antics and we were hooked.  We have spent the last few years learning about and watching the shenanigans of our chickens and this book certainly struck a chord.

Now you may not be a backyard chicken owner, may not wish to be, or maybe you aspire, this book will give you insight into a strange new world, a world that gets curiously addictive. If nothing else it will make you view chickens in a new light and at the least makes you smile with its feathered tales. It’s a lovely little read.

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  1. Thankyou so much for your lovely comments about “Mucky Cluckers”.

    Sadly we have just lost Tu-Tu, the last survivor of the original Mucky Cluckers flock. It wasn’t too much of a shock as she was 11 1/2. It looked as if she died mid-stride – probably on her way to remonstrate with Punk or Rebecca!

    Warm regards
    Trish (author of Mucky Cluckers)
    PS. I have recently completed “What The Cluck – More tales from the chicken run”. It will be published later in the year. If you would like a complementary copy, please email your address to me.

    1. Author

      So sorry to hear about Tu-Tu. We now have only Poule Noir, who is disabled and not able to walk well. Still she can purr with the best of them so we know at least she is content with her lot and happy to be with us. (She is a true snuggle monster.)

      I look forward to reading your new book!

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