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My thoughts have turned towards wanting a cup of coffee. It’s a dark morning, clouded over. The time change of daylight dawning still messes with me. It shouldn’t, as ultimately the animals always let me know when it is their time to go to bed or get up. And it is hinged to daylight, or lack there of, and not a clock.

I wait for first light to turn the coffee maker on. Time to throw on some trousers and a wooly sweater before braving the outside to let the ducks out. They know the sounds. The minute they hear my footsteps outside they let me know they are glad to hear me. (And, please let me out now!)

The mad rush begins as I open their bedroom (enclosure) door. Well, it has been 12 hours since they last ate! Goodness, you would think they were starving. Then it’s a quick run, hop, flight out the door for a little wing stretch before settling down to the serious activity of worm hunting.

I refresh water and food bowls. A head of lettuce is hung for some needed fresh greens. It’s hung from a string, pinata style. It makes it not only into a nourishing treat, but a game as well. Ducks are very playful.

Back to my coffee! But first, the second morning ritual must take place. Whilst letting out the ducks, Lappy takes the opportunity to leave her corner of the bed and take over my spot. Every day I come back in to be confronted by sleepy eyes, saying ‘who me?’. And every morning, I have to hoick her down and to the middle of the bed.

As a cat you would think she would fit nicely, snuggled by my feet. But no, she likes to lie horizontal across them, trapping them. And she is a lump. I’d like to say she is all muscle, but, nope. Pure pudgy. So each morning we play the game of who will be beta in this pack and have out wrestling match for our places.

Finally able to get back under the warm covers, Lappy now sprawled across my knees, I can pour my cup of coffee. Ahhh… Cup warming my hands, scent flowing up my nostrils, I can start to plan what I wish to write about today.

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