Maggie, our Pet Duck

Maggie Margret Thatcher for President of France at PumpjackPiddlewick

Maggie, our Pet Duck

We named our pet duck Maggie after Margaret Thatcher. Mainly because she bullied her way into this life, and continues to do so. Nothing stops our Maggie from getting what she wants. Consequently, we think she would make a perfect president, for France. Well, for anywhere really. The way elections around the world are occurring, it is not that far fetched.

A Game of Politics

Now normally I (Piddlewick) am not one for politics, or anything resembling, so this was not in fact my idea. The suggestion came from the men Pumpjack was pruning in the vineyard with this winter. Like men in a pub, in France they chat over vines and wine. The talk, I was told, often turned to politics, what with Brexit and the US elections continuously making headlines, not to mention the similar situations in Italy and Spain.

Talk Amongst Your Vines

The gentleman of the vines are fascinated by our having a pet duck. Everyday Pumpjack is asked how Maggie is and they want to hear the latest en dit of what she has been up to. What started out as jokes about duck confit and how tasty she would be on a plate, over time and tales (or would that be tails?), they are now her staunchest supporters. It makes me smile, that she makes them smile.

So, because the hard working men of France requested it, we offer Maggie, aka Margret Thatcher (this duck is not for eating), for President.

Vote Maggie for PresidentVote Maggie Margret Thatcher for President of France at PumpjackPiddlewick

A selection of Campaign Promises has been determined, and we think you will agree, they make for a tempting candidate.

Free worms for everyone

Duck eggs available in every supermarket

Equal rights for Ducks amongst Chickens

Duck ponds in every village

Foxes allowed to live as long as they let live

What more could you want? (Well, if there is something, let Maggie know. Oh, and she says, like all good politicians, she is willing to take a bribe. Cat crunchies are her particular favourite.)

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