Maggie and George our bickering couple at PumpjackPiddlewick

Maggie and George remind me of one of those married couples on tv sitcoms, like All in the Family, Married with Children or The Simpsons… except they are ducks.

George could be Sylvester Stallones’ Rocky incarnate. Not a lot going on upstairs, but his heart is fierce and in the right place. We can just imagine he is calling ‘Maggie!’ when he has lost sight of her.

Maggie, well she is a force unto herself. Did you know she was named after Margaret Thatcher? Love her or loathe her namesake, her forceful personality is one to be reckoned with, and our Maggie’s shone through from the onset.

Maggie and George take it in turns to bicker, tease and coo. And bicker some more. Listening to them chat outside my window as I work in my office in the mornings is a real put a smile on your face treat.

And now, Maggie has decided the house is a nicer place to be than the hot outdoors. It isn’t long before the hops begin as they make their way up our stairs. Once upstairs, they continue their on going conversation as they wander the house. This can be 5 minutes or over an hour, until they finally decide on that spot that is just right and settle down for an afternoon nap. Ah. Peace reigns for the moment.

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