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I write this, having come in from the garden, sat in my oldest ratty jeans. A pair I wouldn’t be caught dead in public wearing. Add in a loose long sleeve top covered in bits of dirt and the odd leaf. However, underneath all the tatty and smudges is lace. Lots of lovely lace. You see for me, you can’t beat wearing nice lingerie, no matter what you are doing.

Why does lingerie matter?

Because life is too short and pretty lingerie makes you smile. Honestly, there is no excuse to be found wearing drab, with holes, stretched out of proportion, years old, gone grey underwear. You might have noticed that I did not say cotton. There’s nothing wrong with cotton, along with lycra, silk, satin, lace…

One of my favourite and truly pretty sets is a cotton country girl style checked bustier and matching underpants. I love wearing this set in the summer when I am feeling ‘country’. What it is made of is doesn’t matter, it’s whether it makes you feel good.

Feeling Good, Feeling French

Lingerie isn’t just about vamping, or seducing, or wanting to feel sexy even. It is simply about feeling good, possibly slightly decadent, even when you have to do the most mundane tasks. (Dishes, bleh!) You will feel pretty, when the day may not be. Enjoy a sense of frivolity, when life may be full of toil. (Back, back you weeds!)

There is something very French about lingerie. Some of it is history, some is fashion, but being in France I appreciate the outlook on it. And although my outlook predates moving to France, I would say moving to this country has bolstered my view ~ and hence this post.

Not Rocket Science

We’re not talking deep philosophy or psychological babble. It is simply looking after yourself in a simple way. Underwear is a necessity, but there is no rule that says it has to be drab. You deserve more. You are worth it. And, you should be treating yourself to a little decadence (though not necessarily expensive) to support you, literally and figuratively, through your day. Whether it is a pretty floral set or come hither black silk, it’s for you and you alone. Only you know what is under your overalls, your sweater, your shorts, your little black dress… . unless you choose to reveal what you are wearing with someone else.

Wearing something delicate, luxurious, sexy or even simple, it’s all about making you feel good from the inside out. Knowing you are wearing something special that (maybe) only you know about. It’s a little secret, a pop into your head thought when you sit down for those 2 seconds you deserve.

But seriously, why?

Honestly, if only you know, why bother? Because it boosts your confidence. You will feel a million. It makes the day a little bit brighter. Don’t believe me? Well, I dare you to try it. Chuck the old and go buy something new. It could be one luxurious set, or several mix and match pairs.

Me? I have a lingerie day once a year, when I hit a shop (usually a mid to lower price range department store where I like the lingerie) and rummage through the sale rail. I try on everything that catches my eye, in various sizes. Then I try to match up sets, as sets make you feel even more luxurious. And voilà, my year in lace, satin, pretty or sexy is ready.

It’s about you, not ‘practicality’. Though saying that, one can have an element of practicality. I do vary what I wear to what I am doing, outside and in, with the most durable and supportive for the more active days. The more delicate for quieter days.

Lingerie is a State of Mind, not Size

Whatever size, age or activity You should be wearing Lovely Lingerie Every Day | PumpjackPiddlewick

It doesn’t matter what size you are, as long as it fits well. These days most department stores offer to measure you (for free) so you can be sure you are trying on the right size. Lingerie shops are even better in that they give advice on best styles that may suit your figure. If you have never been measured, it is a must and so, so worth it.

It doesn’t matter whether anyone else will see it. You will know what you are wearing and it will lighten your outlook. Staying with drab and old means you are being lazy. Make it an easy priority that you start each and every day looking after yourself first, before you look after every one else. Throughout the day, the memory will kick in, and you will be reminded that you took a minute for you.









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