Is living your life the way you wish possible? Let's see at PumpjackPiddlewick

I am not here to tell you how to live your life. But I am an advocate of living your life the way you want.

Easier said than done though, of course.

Sometimes to live life they way you wish requires going against the norm, against what is expected. And yet, those sound almost negative.

Maybe it is better to look on it another way. Rather live your life without worrying what others think.

Case in point. I am sat on my sofa with a duck standing in the middle of my living room. I had never known that a duck could be a pet, until it happened. And because we had no expectations, put up no boundaries, had no idea in fact, we just did what came naturally. And learnt from the experience. Also, we have discovered that ducks (and chickens) are amazing pets.

We learnt that if you don’t fall under the spell of preconceived notions that there is a whole new world out there to explore. In fact, some of these notions are not even consciously recognised. And you can apply this to just about anything, lifestyle, fashion, work, play, friends, even politics.

The next time you go ‘ewwww’, or question why someone is doing something, or in general feel negativity towards an idea, take a moment and really (really) look at why you think this. Is it actually something born out of your own experience, or simply something you have been told, indoctrinated with? Because much of our life, our thinking, our way of doing comes from indoctrination.

It’s actually much easier to jump on the band wagon then it is to follow your own wishes, thoughts and dreams. Because sometimes dreams require sacrifices. It’s a kind of a balance, a yin and yang thing.

Sure, we’d all love to be rich and super happy. But I don’t know that many rich people who aren’t spending all their time working. Long, long hours. That’s is generally how you get rich. Unless you are one of a tiny tiny minority that win or inherit oodles of money. The rest of us have to work for our riches.

But riches aren’t always about money, though many of us are brought up to think that way. It’s sort of the norm. And because it’s the norm, living your life they way you wish to may be about going against the norm. Not an easy thing to do, not just because you will be questioned by your peers, family, friends, but even sometimes your own self.

Actually one of the hardest things about living your life is figuring our what you truly wish to do. We are taught from very young the work, achieve, retire concept.

But what if we could define riches, work or achievements differently? At least to our own minds.

A bucket list is a good way to start. Listing things you have always wished to do. Give it some time and thought, after all this is your dream of dreams. It’s not a finite list, you can add to it at any time. The trick is in attempting to make them happen. They may only be small moments in the scheme of life, but achievements none the less, and very personal ones at that.

Taking time to sit down, some place quiet and simply think is another way. More often than naught we are exclaiming how we never have enough time, for, whatever. But the reality is you are not making the time. You are in fact in charge of your own time. Most of the time.

Not sure how? Introduce quiet time into already routine time. Sit quietly over your morning coffee rather than watching the news. Take a blanket and eat your lunch in a park near your office instead of at your desk or in some place. Enjoy that evening glass of wine on the porch at sunset rather than watching tv. Distractions are all around us, and often routine, so look at how to vary the routine and ditch the distractions to focus on your own thoughts.

By taking the time to consider life, the pursuit of happiness, riches, bucket lists and so much more you may find that your perspectives change. And hopefully are happier for it.

If we all lived to others expectations, ducks wouldn’t be pets, gardens would be restored in moments rather than years, and life’s changes would be bemoaned rather than embraced.

Deep thoughts this early morning, but then for me my quiet time, the time given to my thoughts is often the wee hours of the morning whilst the rest of the world around me sleeps, including a duck at my feet.

Some inspiration…

PS: Like with anything there is a caveat. Living your own life is much easier for those living in a first world country, where freedoms are much more tangible and hope has more possibilities. So if you are lucky enough to live first world style, don’t waste it.


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