Life in France

Life in France is … different.

We moved to France primarily to make wine, and then we fell in love. Not just with each other, that has been on-going, but with the country.

Having taken up residence in our new life, we are endeavouring to learn. And there is lots to learn. Learn French, learn the culture, learn how to restore a house, how to grow our own food, how to make cool things (preferably with pallets – a Piddlewick favourite) … the list goes on, and all whilst enjoying French food and wine. It’s (not) a harsh life.

Come and explore life in France with us with a taste of some French Findings

Driving in France

Driving in France, like anywhere, is both a blessing and a curse. And, yet. If I had to choose a country I find the most enjoyable to drive in, it would have to be France. Even, Paris. It’s all about Quantity I have driven in cities as well as theRead More →

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Wine Bottle Labels – The Trick to Finding a Good (French) Wine

When it comes to buying wine, being confronted with a sea of wine bottle labels in a shop can be daunting. If not incredibly confusing. Do you go for a classic looking label? (Implying it is a better wine?) Minimalist style or busy with information? There are far too manyRead More →

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My Favorite French Dinner

My favorite French Dinner is easy. Easy to decide upon, and to my mind easy to make. It’s a true classic, traditional, filling and even practical. Oh, and did I mention delicious? The Main Dish For the mains it has to be Boeuf Bourguignon (Burgundian Beef). This is the FrenchRead More →

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Are the French Happy?

There is a lot of talk about the French way of life. That work life balance thing. But it made me wonder. Are the French happy? And by that I mean, as a nation, is France considered a happy country? The general thought or stereotype is that the French enjoyRead More →

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