Life in France is … different.

I moved to France initially for a partner who wanted to make wine, and then I fell in love with the country.

Having taken up residence in my new life, I am endeavouring to learn. And there is lots to learn. Learn French and about the culture. Learn how to restore a medieval house and its walled garden, that grows my own food. How to make cool things … the list goes on. And all whilst enjoying French food and wine. It’s (not) a harsh life.

Come and explore life in France with me through my French Findings.

Learn with me as I tackle the garden in my Garden Findings.

And because France is so well known for food, I add what I learn (including recipes) in my Food Findings.

Mindful slow living is the lifestyle here at Pumpjack & Piddlewick, and you can find more in Finding a Simply Way of Living.