Life in France

Life in France is … different.

We moved to France primarily to make wine, and then we fell in love. Not just with each other, that has been on-going, but with the country.

Having taken up residence in our new life, we are endeavouring to learn. And there is lots to learn. Learn French, learn the culture, learn how to restore a house, how to grow our own food, how to make cool things (preferably with pallets – a Piddlewick favourite) … the list goes on, and all whilst enjoying French food and wine. It’s (not) a harsh life.

Come and explore life in France with us with a taste of some French Findings

Exploring French Canals

You may not know it, but France is crisscrossed by a series of canals. The French canal system connects to navigable rivers and thus the ocean. As well as other countries. You can actually boat throughout most of France (which is rather weird to say). Most of the big cities,Read More →

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Only in France

There’s a saying amongst expats here ‘Only in France…’. It’s used to mean when you see something that to you is unsual, but to the French is normal. Sometimes it is applied to language too, under the same reasoning, but it’s not used quite as much. Cultural differences are alwaysRead More →

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For the Coffee Lover, a Débelloire is a Must Have!

Lets talk coffee (and France). As a coffee lover, like many of you out there, I must, really I must, start my day with at least one cup of coffee. Yes, it gives me the caffeine kick, but more importantly, I just love it! Coffee Everyone? Most of us knowRead More →

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Learning French? It’s easier with Cognates

When Pumpjack and I began learning French we quickly discovered that there were many words we already knew. Result! In fact there are many many words that are actually the same. Same spelling, same meaning, just different pronunciation. Yes, this is where you get to put on your best FrenchRead More →

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