Thursday night is leftovers night at PumpjackPiddlewick

When I was growing up, Thursday was leftovers night in our house. My Mum would reheat everything we hadn’t finished that week. I remember it fondly, as well as with a shudder.

It was a real mix of dishes. A mish mosh of flavours, too, but we had to eat it all. There couldn’t be any leftovers on left over night. It’s because of my Mum I appreciate a no waste principle, and I am really proud she instilled that in me.

Different Methods

I was once extremely lucky to have worked as a chef in a vegetarian inn in North Carolina. That’s not something you get to say every day. But my memories were stirred as I contemplated making my dinners this week.

I am a recipe lover. Thinking on it as mini bouts of learning from others. Or, at the least, hoping for moments of inspiration. But I also have learned the art of simply purchasing what appeals and then creating a recipe in my head.

Empty Fridge Conundrum

And then there are the nights when one is confronted with a nearly empty fridge and must concoct a meal. Neither the ingredients you want are there or enough ingredients to fulfil a recipe.  Luckily for me, and hence the memory jogging, at the vegetarian inn I was taught well how to work with what I had.

The nearest shop was 50 miles away, so we only shopped once, maybe twice a week. We couldn’t just nip out and buy what was missing if we forgot or ran out of something. I learned to substitute, re-think and most importantly look in the fridge and determine what I could make.  It wasn’t about what I couldn’t do, but what I could.


So last night I was facing the leftovers of 2 chicken legs, a half jar of tomato sauce, a half container of crème fraiche (sour cream for my American friends) a partial bag of frozen peas and another of frozen spinach.

The result? Marinated cumin and coriander roast chicken on a bed of tomato peas rice with sautéed spinach in a garlic crème fraiche sauce. I was told it was one of the best meals I had ever made. Just shows what you can do when confronted with nothing.

Other Suggestions

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