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What a lovely weekend. The creative bug stung me and time was spent cutting, pasting and writing junk journal letters.


Alright, I can hear you ask, ‘Just what are Junk Journal Letters’? Well, junk journals are the initial concept. This is making journals or diaries out of old books, even cereal boxes, from scratch. Adding in your own (scrap) papers and then embellishing them with all sorts of stickers, ribbons… really whatever your imagination and clutter drawer can come up with.

The principle idea is to use up odd bits and bobs, old envelopes, paper, really any sort of ephemera. Hence the name ‘Junk’. It’s a waste not concept for diary keepers and crafters out there. (I have included a favourite video below on how to make one.)

Junk Journal Letters

My junk journal letters are similar in concept, but instead of being journal thickness and used for writing diary entries, they are more card like. Smaller, thinner, less pages, with spaces and places for writing a letter. I even use up old cards sent to me (especially from Christmas).

Here’s an example of a card themed on flowers…

Handmade is Easier

As a letter writer, these days it is getting harder and harder to find stationery. So, it became easier to actually make my own. I used to call them Book Cards, as they were designed like thin books, with pages to write in between a cover instead of printed pages. (I even sold a few when I first opened my shop – and am thinking of doing so again. Someday. Soon.)

A friends upcoming birthday prompted the current creativity. Like me, she is a crafter and we have great fun making things for each other. I had been collecting lots of ‘how to’ pages from crafting magazines over the past year. They inspired the theme for the card.

All in One

It was a truly fun card to make. It was both present and birthday card in one. Or maybe more birthday letter, as it gave me several pages and pockets to write down notes and long winded scribbles on what we have been up to.

And as it included lots of projects for her to consider, it will hopefully be something she hangs on to for awhile. And then, maybe, she’ll reuse some of it for her own projects. Maybe even a revised, return Junk Journal Letter.


If you do like to work to a theme, I can recommend printables. Printables are designs that you receive as a digital file and can print on your own printer. I often use these when I wish to add to a concept or if I simply wish to be inspired with the basics.

One of my go to designers is Vectoria Designs. They have an amazing selection of beautiful artwork and themes.

And, I will plug my own digital shop ‘Taking Time Too‘, which offers French vintage ephemera backgrounds and designs, as well as my latest venture – colouring books.

Join in

If you enjoy my creativity, consider joining in and nourishing Pumpjack & Piddlewick.

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