Ducks are a very misunderstood animal. Many think of them as something of the wild. Which most are. And some are seen, especially ducklings, as cute additions to the family. And many of these cute additions go on to poop and make mess and ultimately are dumped by a pond, in a park or even a parking lot. (Yes, I know of one duck this happened to.) If you spot a duck in need of help there are a few ways to help save ducks.

Donate or Volunteer

First and foremost if you find a dumped, injured or disabled duck, there are rescue shelters who take in ducks. Simply checkout wildlife rehab and or duck sanctuaries online. I can guarantee you there is one near you.

They are like cat and dog shelters. They are charities in need of your support. Donate money or time, which ever you can afford. Personally, I can really recommend checking out Howie’s Duck Sanctuary. This man has stolen my heart with his compassion for saving ducks (and geese). He is just way too nice. Any donations or assistance are truly and always welcome.

What is a Dumped Duck?

Some of you may ask how do you tell if the duck has been dumped. Primarily by the breed, but also by the behaviour. White ducks, a duck with a puff on its head, runner ducks (they stand almost upright) and Muscovy ducks are not wild. They were all bread to live in some capacity being taken care of. Runners and Pekins (the larger white ducks) in particular can’t even fly.

True pet ducks are tame. They will approach humans for help. They don’t know how to find food, as food has always been given to them. So they will ask humans to provide food. Ducks are smart, they know how to ask for help. It is up to us to understand what they are asking.

If you find a duckling on its own. Wait and look around. Listen. A mother duck makes sounds all the time. And if she can’t find her ducklings she will be calling. If you hear no duck in distress, then the duckling has been abandoned. Please take it to a rehabilitation centre.

A Note of Caution

If you are thinking about getting a duck, wonderful! I love love love them. But. Please read up first (lots of info below) before falling for that cute little duckling. Especially around Easter time. April is duck dumping month. And it’s when the sanctuaries are inundated with ducklings that become ducks and people no longer want them. And, in case you didn’t know, dumping pet ducks (eg you own it) is illegal.

They are an easy pet to take care of in general. But they are very very messy, which is why many people decide to get rid of them. I really recommend you read my post on owning a duck before you commit: What’s it Like to have a Pet Duck – A Few Duck FAQs

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