Summer night thunderstorms at PumpjackPiddlewick

Last night was a late night (11pm!), and one of those happy moments to treasure.

It was hot, too hot. That hot summer night you get before a thunderstorm, with the odd quiet flash of lightening to punctuate the dark. The windows were flung open and at last the cooler night air was coming in.

First it was just me reading in bed, with Chewie and Sanka (our dogs) staying cool on the floor beside me. Then Noisette (our tortoiseshell cat) announced with her usual meows that she was here, ‘please notice that I am here’, and then settled down on the open window sill.

The little tap tap of flippered feet could be heard shortly after as Gabby then George (pet ducks) came in and confiscated the dog bed as their own.

And as I looked over at our sitting comfortably ducks I spotted Lapsong (our grey tiger cat) curled on Pumpjack’s bedside mat.

The heat of the summer night, rather than driving our pets away, seemed to be drawing them in. Or maybe it was the coming of the storm. We were a pack against the elements, I guess. What ever the reason, I for one treasured their company, feeling surrounded by love.

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