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‘Only in France’ are the words that pop into my mind when I came across Horse Milk (Chevalait) in our local French market. And of course, because I didn’t even know that you could get milk from horses (though, yeah, if you think about it… duh, cows, goats…mares), I had to try it.

Tastes like chicken

You know how everyone says that all sorts of unusual meats ‘taste like chicken’, well, horse milk tastes like, well, milk. Or at least what we commonly think of as milk (e.g. cow’s). It’s a bit thinner in texture, looks like someone added just a touch of water to some cows milk. Or, if you are a drinker of soya or almond milk, you’ll understand the texture. Though, it still tastes like milk.

Mais, pourquoi? (But, why?)

Having tried it, finding out it is very nice, though more expensive than ‘milk’, one does have to wonder, um, why? Why would you want to milk a horse (or should I say mare here to be on the safe side?). After all, there are a lot of cows about.

For one reason, it is lower in fat. Quite a bit lower, maybe that’s why it is ‘thinner’ in texture. (Sorry couldn’t resist.) It has more nutrients than cow’s milk. It lasts longer. Supposedly is more beneficial for gut issues and such, and, along those lines, if you are dairy intolerant this may just be the milk for you.

For the Skin you are In

Equilac* reached out to me saying horse/mare’s milk helps with Psoriasis too. Who knew?! I gather there is an anti-inflammatory protein in horse milk that actually helps the immune system.

You can drink the milk (if you can find it) or have it in the form of capsules.

It’s a Global Thing

In researching horse milk, I came across all sorts of interesting information. I gather Central Asians have always been au fait with horse milk and that it is more common in many places than cow’s milk. Well, much of their terrain is more suited to horses than cows. It makes a bit of sense. They even ferment it into an alcoholic beverage. Hey, why not?

One can even get  powdered horse milk. particularly in Germany, Italy, and of course, France. Having said that, I have yet to find it, but I am now on the search. (And once found? Hmmm, more research is needed.) ~ Update since I last posted this! I have found a place to buy it from. Funny enough from the people who make the horse milk I drink (Chevalait). They sell the powdered form too.

Also, horse milk cosmetics. Now that is another new one for me…


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  1. Can you ship Mare’s Milk to the USA? I need to find a place where I can purchase it regularly.

    1. Hi Harold

      You can purchase it in dried powder form from Do read the reviews, which are overall positive, but it looks like it is coming from outside the US, with no English instructions.

      For human consumption:
      Otherwise for animals:
      Also found in soaps and beauty products.

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