faire le pont - taking a French holiday at Pumpjack Piddlewick

Well what a lovely long weekend surprise. I hadn’t realised that the 1st of November would be a holiday here and that Pumpjack would have that and the Friday off. In France they love their ‘bridge days’. They say ‘faire le pont’ (to make the bridge). A bridge day is a day taken as holiday after a holiday. Or before.

Unlike in say the US or UK where most official holiday days fall on a Monday, in France they fall on, well, whenever. Thursday is common, sometimes Wednesdays, occasionally a Monday. If the official holiday is on a Thursday, like last week, generally ‘everyone’ (if they can) takes the Friday as well off. That’s a bridge day. It bridges the break to the weekend. Get it?

More often than not (except in the service industry) a company will give it as an additional holiday, as was Pumpjack’s case, so it doesn’t come out of your holiday allotment. Sadly, working for yourself (moi) doesn’t garner these same privileges. But, also, I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth (what a weird saying – anyone know where it comes from?) and took some time off to share with my beloved. We had an awesome long weekend.

PS: a little more on the curious and fun in France: www.pumpjackpiddlewick.com/apero/


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