French restoration home and heating at Pumpjack Piddlewick

In true house restoration fashion we are living without heating in our new home. We are looking at various options as winter approaches. Luckily the 1st November was a national holiday and Pumpjack took Monday off. (Bridge Day) He has been tackling the question.

We have an oil central heating system in place. Although new looking, it hadn’t been turned on in over 5 years. We gave it a whirl, mopped up after bleeding water from the radiators and suddenly had heat. For 5 minutes. Then the system blew a gasket, or some such similar thing, and spewed water over the systems electric motor and that ended that.

Plan B. We’re going to get someone in to look at our chimneys and determine if they are lined. We think the one in my current office is. If so, we’ll put in a wood burning stove. I love the idea of working by wood stove.

In the meantime, we have bought a couple portable heaters. One for under my desk, another for under his. I am sat at my desk and it is warming my feet, along with the cats. They are enamoured and are sitting as close they dare.


Interested in our restoration work? You will find garden restoration updates on our YouTube channel (with the help of our ducks).

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