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As the days close in I now take an hour at lunchtime to spend in the garden with the ducks as mornings and evenings don’t give me the same freedom any more. We normally take the time to clear an area. Me pruning or pulling, the ducks eating the wormy spoils.

I am always laughing by the end, as I work around the ducks underfoot. Invariably the cats join us, playing amongst any swaying branches.

The tomato plants have been relishing the continuously wonderful warm sunny weather we have been having. Into November and we are just turning the corner into cooler temperatures and rain. The plants are on their last legs and burdened with green tomatoes, so yesterday I harvested the lot. And there was a lot!

I recently watched a video on What to Do with Green Tomatoes, particularly on how to harvest and ripen them. This then put me on the search for what to do with green tomatoes, since I have so many (and I hate to waste anything). I am familiar with fried green tomatoes, but wasn’t aware of much else you could do with them.

What truly surprised me was the variety of yummy sounding recipes, which has inspired me to get in the kitchen . I definitely plan on making some chutney, but also going to try a stew (recipe links below). I’m thinking on whether a green tomato ketchup would make good Christmas pressies for neighbours?

Ripening Green Tomatoes

By the way, the easiest way to ripen green tomatoes is put a banana in with them. It truly works! It takes awhile. But as long as the tomato is not blemished or split, eg in good condition, it will ripen.

Now on to the Cooking…


The Classic Fried Green Tomatoes

Main Dishes

Green Tomato…



Pasta Sauce




Roasted Green Tomato Soup


Green Tomato Ketchup



Pickled Green Tomatoes

And for Dessert

Green Tomato Pie


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