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As the days close in I now take an hour at lunchtime to spend in the garden with the ducks as mornings and evenings don’t give me the same freedom any more. We normally take the time to clear an area. Me pruning or pulling, the ducks eating the wormy spoils. I am always laughing by the end, as I work around the ducks underfoot. Chewie (our standard sized dachshund) looks on morosely, wishing we were walking instead. But, invariably, the cats join us and he gives up the sad looks and bounds about playing with them.

The tomato plants were on their last legs and burdened with green fruit, so yesterday I harvested the lot. And there was a lot! I came across a blog post on very interesting ways to use a green tomato, which inspired me (as I hate to waste anything). I definitely plan on making salsa verde. I’m thinking it might also make good xmas pressies for neighbours? As well as using them in a pie, mixed with local apples and a couple quinces I foraged the day before.

Green Tomato Recipes


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