icky weather enjoys a good clear up at PumpjackPiddlewick

Well the weather has turned icky, so I am having a good clear up. The office, my phone, the blog, all are and have been tackled. And this weekend is calling for more ick, before we head back to spring, so there’s opportunity to do so much more and truly feel the winter cobwebs are cleared.

Normally this time of year is a bit off and on, hit or miss, when it comes to the weather. Spring definitely starts to make itself known when February shows its face. But it’s that spring when the sun is warm and the shade is really cold. So you time your outside activities accordingly.

Also spring brings out the critters. The ducks start to get a little weird as they consider nesting locations and have to be kept a close eye on. The cats have taken to roaming further afield. And Chewie is, yet again, on the search for a girlfriend. (Oh those teenage hormones.) And then there are the increase in mice.

Our cats have always been good mousers. Until we moved here, where there is a dearth of mice. But we have quite a few neighbourly cats so that probably explains it. Yet, this spring has dawned a little different. This week I have been in receipt of roughly a mouse a day. Noisette very kindly brings them to me already dead. Duly praised, she then gets down to the serious business of eating them. And then barfing them back up. She really shouldn’t eat the brains. More ick.

Lapsong on the other hand brings them alive. I noticed her sitting by the wall in my office, staring intently at my boxes. Uh oh. Moving one of the boxes revealed a mouse hiding from her. What ensued was much moving of boxes, empty containers for trapping and Lapsong happily helping in the game of cornering. Finally, duly caught and released for another attempt at life in the garden, I came back in to an office in complete chaos.

Ah well, it had been on my list to reorganise and have a good clear up. It seems now it had been bumped to the top of the list. Everything for our shops is stored away in plastic containers, a very real necessity when you live with animals. This was my chance to consolidate, shift and generally get the stock area sorted.

From this led to photographs. As part of my work, I obviously have to take a lot of images of my items. But, I also tend to take lots of photos of our animals, projects and more. I used to have a wee camera I used for this, but it gave up on all the activity about a year ago, just at the time my wonderful brother gave me a posh phone. The camera on this phone is very good, so it took over duty of the photography. But the trouble when doing double duty, is it often gets full. So a clear up and out is regularly necessary. Such was a moment this week. And honestly, it had been awhile.

Photographs were sorted for social media, sent to laptop for saving and Flickr for diarising our restoration journey here in France. That was yet another area desperately in need of a good clear up, so as I was already there…

It’s taken me a while to get to grips with Flickr. It’s not, I think, very intuitive. But as I took this time to sort, remove duplicates, label, and organise, I learned more about how to also use it. I’m about half way through. It’s a big, somewhat neglected project. And I will be curious if I finish it sooner rather than later.

Flickr led me to our blog. The blog is an on-going, never ending clear up. It’s always being added to, and also means trying not to neglect the previous posts. They need regular reviewing for broken links, updating photos, and re-promoting.

This week pulled me into our Vive le Livre Book Club reviews. An area I had been meaning to tackle for some time. Amazon links break easily, for some bizarre reason, so time was taken to check these, as well as link to the books in our Shop, for further reading ideas.

Today I am leaving off a clear up. Maybe. The intent is to photograph as the weather is currently sunny and clear, but time will tell. My photograph files also beckon a clear up of the sold items. Decision, decision, decisions. Either way with a wet weekend forecasted, giving me more time indoors, I think I will feel a sense of respite and justification to spend more time outdoors this next month. Which is good, as March is to be dedicated to clearing up the mounds of debris currently residing in our top garden.

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