What if you decided to ignore online analytics? Would it make a difference? And if so, how? Let's delve at PumpjackPiddlewick

Taking a year away from writing regularly for my website and posting on social mediums was like opening a window into another world. It gave me the freedom to decide to give up on online analytics. That is give up on watching numbers. How many friends, likes, shares, comments, whatever supposed benchmark people, (or AI), judge you by. And by people, I definitely include myself in that mix.


Analytics, in case you are not one hundred percent sure, are defined as “the systematic computational analysis of data or statistics.” That is using a selection of numbers to measure success or failure. In today’s online speak, this means measuring my success by other peoples reactions (likes, emojis, comments, etc.).

What cemented this journey was I recently saw a response from a (successful) artist I like to another artist on ‘how can I make money from my art’? The answer surprised and delighted me. ‘If you focus on the money, your art will suffer.’

It’s Obvious, Isn’t It?

Sometimes it takes someone else stating the obvious to make it obvious. And this was the case for me. I had already refocused my attentions back to my writings, the sheer enjoyment of it. I had given up on trying to monetise it. Given up on social media as a means to promote towards monetisation.

I believe that if you focus on what makes you happy, what you enjoy, work on it, improve it, learn from it, that ultimately you can then choose for it to become your income essentially because of the time you put into it. And if it doesn’t happen, it means it is because your craft is not yet honed to a natural money making level. Or your path lies in a different direction. Possibly multiple directions.

Searching Online Analytics

Interestingly if you search online about ignoring online analytics there are so many many articles and more on why you shouldn’t ignore them. And funny enough 99% of them are from social media, marketing and website gurus. Surprise.

But add in the word psychology to your search and you get a much more varied (and interesting) response. There’s agreement that ‘mastering the art of ignoring‘ is beneficial to efficiency. In other words, back to what was said above. Focus on what you do, not on what people say.

That is not to say I will completely ignore online analytics. Rather will dip into, as a review, rather than a driving force. And I for one am getting a whole lot more done because of it. (And bonus, feel mentally healthier.)


Now note, this is where I now monetise my writings. In my PS. As an after thought. Not because I don’t want to make money, but because it is not the crux or focus of what I write. It is at the end because I have enjoyed putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard to write down my musings. And now, here we are, and if you enjoyed what I have written maybe you will want more.

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  1. This article has really hit the spot for me. You kindly featured one (or both, I can’t remember) of my books on your page – maybe a year ago. I am writing the third in the trilogy at the moment and I’m finding the need to engage on social media so wearying and distracting. I have great reviews for my books but just cannot sustain the pace required to try to sell what amounts to the occasional book. My craft is the only thing that matters to me. Sales and being ‘out there’ is not important enough that it blocks my creativity. I’m just going to focus on writing for now and let it slide.

    1. Author

      Lovely to hear from you 🙂
      And I truly wish you well with balancing what you love to do with what everyone thinks we need to do. It’s never ending process isn’t it?

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