Getting old happens, and for me it's kind a cool. I like getting older. Let's delve at PumpjackPiddlewick

As I get older I realise it’s rather neat. That I like getting older. Exploring the world, but also myself. It’s true what they say, with age comes wisdom. Well, at least I like to think so. I do like that I understand myself better, my strengths and weaknesses. And most of all, from these realisations, I love that I no longer have to try and fit in.

Peer Pressure

I would never say I was conformist. But then it’s only looking back one realises how much pressure there is, especially when young to do what others do. The trouble is you generally don’t even realise that this pressure exists.

It’s only as time passes, or if you like you get older, comes the dawning that all those fashion trends, food trends, size issues, shape issues, any commercials, heck any advertising, were all trying to mould you into the same person.

Getting Older

Now I am not going to go off here on the whole psychology side of this. Rather, I was contemplating this morning that getting older is kind of cool.

It certainly no longer bothers me if other people don’t agree with me, don’t like my looks, my lifestyle choices or my (lack of) politics. That does not mean I like hurtful people. In fact I have purposefully cut mean or constantly negative people from my life. And you know, it’s okay to do so. Life is honestly too short to invite nastiness in.

Getting older also gives you the wisdom to realise that you don’t have to be friends with, or even like, everyone. Someone wise once told me that there will only ever be a few truly special people in your life. They are the ones that matter. Keep in contact, listen and treasure them.

Change is a Good Thing

But like life, things are constantly changing and evolving. Friends, even family, will change over lifetime. Some will stay, some will not. And again, that is okay. It’s not healthy to cling to what was. Better to look to and enjoy what you have now. Grieve for those you have lost, but keep an eye to those who now like, love and support you.

My animals have taught me that more is not better. I have had a lot of them, which means time and focus was divided between them. I wouldn’t change any of it for the world, but have realised it’s better to have less and focus more.

Improving over Time

Other things that spring to mind about getting older is how each decade has been better than the last. Yes, there are always issues, problems, etc., but with time and experience comes the realisation of what is important in life to me. And again that focus comes into play. Learning to focus on what is good, what makes me happy and what is wanted in life.

And as one passes the cusp of life, dawns the realisation that life is finite. And therefore all the more precious. It can be wasted in negativity, thinking on what could or should have been. Or, there is the purposeful choice of thinking and taking a positive outlook on life.

This is a very real choice. It can be applied in how you respond to someone (whatever their tone), eg an external situation. Or it can be about something internal, like deciding you like your hair if not your hips.

The Energy of Youth

Another wise person once said, as you get older be certain to surround yourself with people of all ages, especially younger. As you age you become more surrounded by health issues and death. To counter this, be certain your circle of friends and acquaintances includes those with a brighter outlook on life.

In a nutshell, getting older offers more freedoms, choices, wisdom, confidence and insight. Now it’s just about keeping the body in the best condition possible so I can enjoy it all. So I am off to weed the garden with my ducks and enjoy the beautiful weather.

And if you are of a different mindset, I leave you with this video.

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