French Country Confessions

French Country Confessions

We admit it. We are urbanites. So why have we moved to the country? Primarily to make wine, and then we fell in love. Not just with each other, that has been on-going, but with the countryside. Circumstance put us in the northern county of Burgundy, and just south of the wine area of Chablis. Farm land to you and me.

Having taken up residence in our new life, we are endeavoring to learn. And there is lots to learn. Learn French, learn the culture, learn how to take care of the feathered variety of farm animals, as well as our other growing furry family, learn how to grow our own food, learn how to make cool things with pallets (a Piddlewick favourite), and all whilst enjoying French food and wine. Well, something has to make up for the early mornings in winter.

Come and explore the French countryside with us.

A Corking Adventure about Biodynamic Wine from the Vive le Livre Book Club

Ever heard of Biodynamics? Most of us are aware of Organic. Biodynamic goes beyond organic. It’s a whole culture in relation to wine. Biodynamic wine is grown and made following organic principles. Also lunar calenders, and a few other weird and wonderful ways that don’t really make sense. I meanRead More →

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Why Lovely Lingerie should be worn Every Day, no matter what Size, Age or Activity

The garden has kept me very busy this past month. This morning alone was spent shifting soil, pruning suckers, cutting out caterpillar nests and hedge trimming. Lots of hard work and my muscles are telling me so as I now sit here catching up with our blog. I am inRead More →

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Building a multi-use Chicken Duck Enclosure, Life is fraught with possibilities

This spring we built a chicken duck enclosure. After much planning, reviewing and more planning, we finally threw all the ideas away and went for simple and inexpensive and the least amount of disruption to our feathered flock as possible. Creatures of Habit Chickens, and particularly ducks, well at leastRead More →

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Les Nécessités in my Portmanteau – what wouldn’t you be without in the Garden?

Our in My Portmanteau series reveals a collection of Les Nécessités, those necessary items that must go with us wherever we go, whether linked to memories, are ever so practical, or simply just so darned fun and frivolous it’s a jolly laugh to keep. We like to view them asRead More →

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