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This past weekend I was inspired by food and trying new things. New recipes, of course, but also starting to eat what is ready in the garden, learning about meal planning and how not to waste it. A sort of circle of life, but one that I want to stretch into more of an oval.

The garden is growing well and we are starting to get some veg already. I struggle though with radishes and what more to do with them, so this inspired me to look at new recipes. Like strawberries (also ripening), the humble and oh so easy to grow radish, is a simple pick and eat food. But strawberries also can be made into jams, cakes, smoothies, etc. Radishes…ummm? See, that’s why I went on the search for new recipes. Carpaccio anyone?

As we move into summer, I am hoping to be inundated with fresh food. In preparation, my end of day entertainment has been lots of YouTube videos on canning, storing and meal prep. I had recently discovered a gorgeous recipe for no garlic humus, but even better was meal prepping the accompanying carrot sticks. I am enamoured! Prep lots once, store in jars of water in the fridge and I have a fresh go to snack ready already for days on end.

And then there’s leftovers. I am a great fan of leftovers and using them up. Thursday used to be leftover night in my family’s home, so I guess I have become my Mum. I love being tested by the ingredients left in my fridge and pantry, figuring out what to make from them. This past weekend was veggie burgers made from leftover lentils, mushrooms, ½ an onion and the dregs from an oatmeal packet. Even my sighing about vegetarian partner loved them. (We were so enamoured, I published the recipe on my Facebook page)

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