Favourite hobbies for the weekend at PumpjackPiddlewick

Sat in the duck enclosure on Sunday, taking the opportunity to enjoy one of my favourite hobbies ~ letter writing. The weather was gorgeous for this almost October day, sunny, warm and with a light breeze.

It’s been a lovely quiet weekend of hobbies in fact. A chance after the harvest to relax, rejuvenate and simply enjoy the peace and quiet of time spent to myself and deciding what I wish to do when I wished. A pure luxury.

One of my all time favourite and long term hobbies is junk card making. This came about as stationery became harder and harder to find for my letter writing. Along the same time was a discovery of junk journals and how to make them, where you use up all sorts of things to make a journal. Except I have never been a journal writer. Still, the concept is such a neat one it simply made sense to use the idea, but apply it to making cards for people instead. It sort of turned them into book cards, a card with many pages to write on.

Junk ‘journaling’ gives the opportunity to use up old scraps of paper, envelopes, bags, tags… as well as old magazines. Really whatever ephemera I have about. Add in some printed washi tape, the odd sticker and each card ends up being completely unique. (I’m thinking of making a few for our Shop. What do you think?)

Finished a card on Saturday (a proper rainy indoor thing to do), Sunday’s change to lovely weather beckoned me outside to write in it. Funny enough, most of my letters begin ‘I am sat here amongst the ducks…’. This card is a proper book and will take a few ‘sat amongst the ducks’ sessions to finish writing it. Another joy of letter writing.

And the latest hobby, or at least project, started this weekend is making a rag rug. Something I have always wanted to try. As winters’ temperatures loom on the horizon the need for warmth underfoot becomes a definite necessity. Making a rag rug is such a nostalgic idea as well as being practical on many fronts. I have been collecting our worn out clothes, especially socks with holes in them, for the past year. Now they are cut up into strips in preparation of making a little rug to go by Pumpjack’s side of the bed. I love the idea that that’s all it takes. No sewing, nothing needed but rags and time. If making this type of rug turns out to in fact be quite fun, maybe a second one for my side will be needed.

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