Our nest is empty now at Pumpjack Piddlewick

We are officially empty nesters. Literally, we now have an empty nest as our resident barn swallows have left. The fledglings have flown and our hallway is now quiet.

It’s a real case of missing something when it is gone. I loved the early morning chatter I awoke to each day. (Pumpjack maybe not so much.)

It was appreciated for what it was, a celebration of morning, life and family. Yes, it became louder as the baby birds became bigger and crowded their nest. Okay, yes, we could hear their chirping even at the other end of house at feeding time as they got bigger. And, oh my yes, it will be missed as it was such a happy sound.

Life grows up, spreads its wings and moves on. Maybe it is all the sweeter for being transient.

(… and we anticipate that they will come back to their nest next year…)

A little vignette on the beginnings with our Barn Swallows

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And now it’s time to go clean up the hallway. Barn swallows are messy! (Though not as messy as our pet ducks.) But we will leave the empty nest, like a summer home that will see it’s occupants return next year with the warmer weather.


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