Of ducks and transplanting violets with PumpjackPiddlewick

Today was a day of ducks and transplanting violets. The early hours of the morning found me sat with a cup of tea contemplating the garden. As always there were lots of projects. Breaking tiles for our patio gravel base, hedge trimming and consequently mulching, building my wee ‘café’ patio in the duck enclosure…

The weather is gorgeous. Blue sunny skies, with not a cloud to be seen. Mornings are both warm and cool, depending on if you are in sun or shade. It is the perfect time to work on those shade necessary projects. So transplanting violets it is.

We have a plethora (favourite word) of violets at the moment in our grassy area under our clothing line. And unlike their monker they come in not only purple, aka violet, but also white and pink. They are currently enjoying the shade of the hedge.

But alas, as I make my way through the mound of broken tiles, move the rocks and burn the prunings in our fire pit, it will come time to shift the dirt mound to become our lawn. The lawn will extend under the clothes line and the violets will be no more.

Pumpjack is set on having a lawn as he has never had one. I think he is in love with the idea of the manly art of mowing. It may not be a very large lawn in the end, but I have not doubt it will be a lovely one. (In fact, I am on the lookout for one of those old fashioned rotary hand push mowers, so if anyone sees one for sale at a good price…)

And my (Piddlewick to his Pumpjack) favourite flower is the violet. So you can see the conundrum. The solution? Move the violets. So each early morning, the ducks and I take time to dig up patches of violets and move them about a meter/yard away to the flower/fruit tree bed that circles the duck enclosure. Both inside and outside it.

This border, and our flower garden, are intended to be home to perennials only. Eventually. We have enough work on our plates at the moment, that planting flowers, sadly, is not high on our list. Though we really appreciate how they look when they do bloom. Hence the long term keep them coming up each year plan.

We do have some daffodils blooming. And other unknown things are coming up or blossoming. Now we’re transplanting violets to add to the spring colourfest. (Have you noticed that spring is about yellows and purples?) And lots of bulbs to plant in the next couple weeks for the summer. And more planned for September, because we have only just learned that the early spring flowers must be planted then. So no tulips this year. Unless I can buy some this spring to transplant.

Pi was a wonderful gardening helper this morning. She is our teenage duck and is testing her independence by hanging out with me rather than the flock. It’s rather like having a feathered puppy. She is fine and happy if near me, but the minute she wanders off and can’t see me she panics and calls for me. It’s so darn cute.

She has no fear and will quite happily sit on my shovel as I attempt to lift a batch of violets. Or run between my legs chasing a bug. As I am transplanting the violets she is there making sure no worm has been missed, often being showered with dirt as I bed them in.

Even with my ducks help I managed to get about half the violets transplanted. Tomorrow beckons for more of the same. No doubt with more help from Pi.

If you have wild violets growing in your garden, or find them on a walk, collect a few. They are wonderful to eat or make into a variety of things.(Click here to read about what to make with violets.)

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