Duck sex season is here at PumpjackPiddlewick

Writing a letter to a friend on my newly positioned desk. Gazing out and watching the world walk by in between sentences written. When I hear the definite sounds of duck sex behind me. It sort of puts you off your creative flow.

Turning around, I have to laugh as Maggie (pet duck) has flattened herself on the floor in typical duck ‘presenting herself’ fashion. And George is standing on her back. Bobbing his head. And standing. That’s it. I think he and I have to have a little talk about the ducks and bees.

Maggie not surprisingly gets fed up fairly quickly and tosses George off her back and stomps off into the kitchen. A contrite George runs after her (oh, the pitter pat of those little webbed feet). And quiet once again descends at my desk.

But now my mind is elsewhere.

This is what real country life is like. Ok, maybe not farmer farming country life, but country life as we know it here at Pumpjack & Piddlewick. Complete with free ranging into our house ducks, who categorically tell me, or maybe I should say show me, that spring is on its way when the duck sex begins.

There’s lots of flirtation too ~ coquettish head bobbing, little trilling giggles and chasing around the furniture. Or the duck ponds if they are outside.

Our wee flock will start pairing up, which means lots of duck sex going on as they don’t pair up as tidily as we would like. Rather, it’s more of a ‘let me see if I like what you have’ mentality from the girls. Whilst the boys? Well, honestly, they are just in it for the sex.

Maggie is Queen bee, or duck. She has her entourage of George and Louis, who follow her everywhere. George is Mate No. 1, but Louis is making another good attempt this year. This morning, when Pumpjack went out for his morning walk with Chewie, he left the door open. Maggie, always an opportunist, came upstairs. I hadn’t even heard her. She just suddenly appeared in my doorway, giving a happy laugh. (She is always rather proud of herself when she has managed to sneak up into the house as she prefers being inside to outside.)

Or maybe her little laugh was because she left the boys below and is enjoying a moment of personal time. It doesn’t last long though as Louis quickly figured out where she went and came hopping up the stairs.

Louis is not Maggie’s favourite. I suspect he will always be Mate No. 2. But he is smart. A lot smarter than George. Louis is good at finding ways to get Maggie alone. But eventually George will find her and oust Louis. George is Rocky Balboa incarnate, not a lot going on in the brain department, but he always wins in the end.

And so, over the ensuing weeks to come… actually over the ensuing next few months (sigh), we will be surrounded by flirtatious ducks. Girl ducks will be flattening themselves on floors and in ponds saying ‘take me, take me’ in true romance book style. And the boys will comply, though more in a teen fraternity house film genre. Duck sex will abound.

And then we get to look forward to broody hormonal females, fighting ducks and searches for the perfect nesting spot. I’ll take duck sex time over broody time any time.


Wish to know more about ducks as pets, or life with ducks? We have a whole slew of information in our Ducks 101 category, from ducklings to imprinting to diapering.

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  1. Hi Alycea.
    am trying to play catchup and get myself back to being active again.
    Thank you for the post I love them all and hope you let me know my message got to you.
    Thanks my Friend for all your encouragement./ Sarah

    1. Hello Sarah! So lovely to hear from you and that you are okay. It’s wonderful to discover you are reading my posts 🙂 If you wish to message me directly, there is a contact form at the bottom of the website. I would love to hear how you are doing.

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