Do you love or hate autumn asks PumjackPiddlewick

I can honestly say I don’t like Autumn. And… I can honestly say I love it. It is probably my favourite season. Okay, second favourite. Because I hate the dark. Not that monster under your bed kind of fear hate, but the days closing in hate.  And if I am being perfectly honest, I don’t actually mind the nights getting darker. It’s the mornings.

My whole life I have wanted to be a morning person. Slowly, gradually, from the sleep until noon teenager until the middle-aged woman in France, it has been a progression to see the dawn light. It took chickens and ducks to make it happen.

Why Chickens and Ducks Changed My Life at PumpjackPiddlewick
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Chickens and Ducks Changed My Life

I had never taken care of, let alone owned, chickens or ducks before moving to France. It was an eye opener, both figuratively and literally. Don’t get me wrong, I was aware that birds outside my window chirped early. I was usually cursing them if I had had a late night. What I hadn’t really known is how much they live their lives based on daylight.

My day, these days, now begins at dawn, when I go to let out the (very excited) flock. It’s a cacophony of noise when they hear me coming. They all have to say in their own way ‘It’s time to get on with the day!’.

Autumn Has a lot to Answer For

September’s arrival always seems to bring a real change in the light of day. There is probably some scientific explanation for it, but all that matters to me is that I suddenly notice that I am getting up earlier than the ducks. Over the course of routine, my body clock seems to have developed, and prefers, specific times to wake up, rather than is it light or dark. So now, in September, I am waking up before dawn. And, waiting.

Although I hate hate hate that the mornings are later (why can’t the evenings get darker earlier, but the mornings stay the same? Gosh darn it!), I am determined determined determined to embrace the day. After all I am awake.

Me Time!

I am teaching myself to make the most of this new ‘me’ time, when the rest of our little world is asleep, or at best half awake. After the cats (who have some weirdly exotic time schedule I have never figured out but always know when I have woken up) are fed, I have learned to embrace the quiet and enjoy a good read, a game of cards (I am an addict) or even *ta da* writing a blog post.

I currently have about an hour before I have to get up properly and go let out our feathered friends and then walk our dog, Chewie. An hour to do whatever I like. It’s a rather heady moment I have discovered, and it goes a long way toward dissipating the autumn darkness blues.

But don’t even talk to me about the time change coming up!


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