Have you ever tried to do nothing? There's an art to it, and great benefits. Let's muse at PumpjackPiddlewick

You know, it’s okay to do nothing.

In this hectic world it is easy to get caught up in the must achieve, think big, do more than… mentality. And so be it. But on the flip side, the yin to the yang, why not think about giving yourself some time. Time to do nothing.

Treat Yourself, You Deserve It

It’s a luxury. Doing nothing. I think it has always been the case. Whether you were herding goats, weaving linens or are selling holidays today, it’s all about getting the job done. Meeting quotas. Fulfilling requirements. You need to ‘do’ to pay for a lifestyle, whatever that life style is.

But everyone deserves the chance to do nothing, no matter what they do. It can be a brief moment, an hour, a duvet day. It’s whether you decide to take the opportunity.

Opportunity Knocks

Treat it as a luxury if it makes you feel better. Think on it as recharging the batteries. Or simply realise that doing nothing opens up so many, many opportunities.

Opportunity to recognise what is good (and bad) in your life. A chance to plan, dream. Or simply a time to let your mind wander and see where it takes you. You may be surprised.

So Do Nothing

I often view the world as a big hamster wheel. Been on it and off. On and off. Whether on or off, time to simply sit, lie down, and be, to rest the mind, to review the day, to consider the future is time well spent.

If you have never done it, you can’t know what you are missing. And you can’t know if it really will recharge those batteries, make you consider changes in your life, or simply what to plant in that certain patch of garden next spring.

To do nothing is not earth shattering, it is simply doing nothing.

Need help with the concept?

How to Actually Do Nothing

La Dolce Far Niente

And if you really struggle with the art of doing nothing, how about reading a book about it? There are surprisingly a lot of books you can choose from that help you do nothing. At least then you are (sort of?) doing something, if not nothing.

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