Did you know chickens can purr? Neither did I, until today. The chickens helped me in the garden, again. It is becoming a regular thing, which I for one am really glad of. Their antics make me laugh every time, so now, not only do I get the joy of gardening, but also seeing what zanyness these feathered creatures can get up to.

Today was laying down some compost and top soil and mulching it in readiness for planting. I started at one end of the raised beds, mixing in and smoothing out the soil. They followed, moving the soil around, giving it an extra mix (and the fact that they found the odd bug whilst helping me – well a win win situation I think).

Once the raised beds were mixed and sorted and I was weeding around the beds, they decided the soil was good enough to also have a bath in. Our grey chicken, Gertrude, in particular was enjoying herself immensely. Mulching, eating and then a little dust bath, move on, repeat. Then she found what I guess must have been a particular good spot. She settled in and gave herself a good dusting whilst I continued to weed around her. That’s when I heard her purr.

At first, I couldn’t figure out what the noise was as it sounded very similar to a cats purr, or who was making it, and each time I looked up she stopped. However, by surreptitiously raising my eyes without lifting my head I realised that she was so happily content that Gertie was actually purring. And that  just made my day.

Once the dust bath was done she decided it was time to get back to work. I have determined that the Gertie is either the smartest one, or the laziest. She worked out that as I dig up weeds, I also dig up great bugs. She took to following me and checking out my weeding work, happily snarfing up bugs as she found them with very little work on her behalf. Easy, peasy.

As I moved down an area of weeds she started getting closer and closer, until finally she was side by side with me. Me digging and her straight in there to collect the fruits of my labour.  Definitely smart.

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  1. Lovely. I’ve heard that chickens are great characters… but not, until now, that they purr!

    1. A red hen showed up at our barn in Dec she met our dog and she sings to us and runs after us when we are in the yard . She eats some of the dogs food as our dog eats .i think she is the busiest hen I have ever seen she has cleaned my many flower beds of most all weeds and has never missed a day of laying an egg.she has started roosting on our patio so there is some cleanup but she is so entertaining. We love her

      1. Author

        That sounds so similar to our little Piddlewick. 🙂 She’s our tiny brown chicken (especially as compared to Gertrude) and she hums and sings her way around our garden.

        And all our chickens quite like to peck amongst the rabbit food, given half the chance. Chickens are great, aren’t they?

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