What makes a day well spent at PumpjackPiddlewick

Sunday felt like a day well spent. Decent weather meant it was time to tackle some of those long awaited outdoor chores. Nothing makes you feel more good about life/things/the day when you have accomplished something. Even a little something. Even if it is nothing.

Because Saturday was another day well spent. Except I did absolutely nothing. Or maybe I should say I accomplished nothing on my To Do list. And it still felt good.

It had been a tough week. Normally an early riser, I overslept on Saturday. Maybe my brain had shut off. I was cursing myself because there was so much planned to get done during the weekend. Then I realised it was raining. Really raining.

Quickly throwing on some clothes, the ducks were shuffled to their enclosure. Well, half were as they are now splitting up in into groups, eventually to be pairs, as we launch into duck sex season. (Yes there is such a thing, and it is both chaotic and funny.) The rest stayed in the courtyard. Whilst I high tailed it back to bed.

Coffee to hand, movie on the laptop, I enjoyed my lie in. Plans were put on hold for… later. Except, it kept raining. Light, heavy, light. I stayed in bed. By mid-day it was an easy decision to declare a duvet day. Time to settle in to the do nothing zone.

Once I got my head around the fact I was probably not going to tackle my projects, I relaxed. Napped, read a book, watched another movie. Somewhere in there, I eventually changed from my pyjamas.

By late afternoon I felt refreshed and rejuvenated, so when I went out to let the ducks our for a forage, and discovered the rain had stopped and the day turned mild, I actually started in on one of my projects. An easy one. Big Dig 1, Side B. Since the weather had created soggy ground it was perfect worm hunting conditions, too. All the ducks were happy to help, and most of the time was spent laughing. I think I managed to cart a couple buckets of broken tiles to the veg garden paths before dusk called it a day.

Sunday, my mind must have still been on holiday, as I slept in again. Repeat with letting the ducks out and back into bed. Except this time, after my coffee, I felt raring to go. And, it wasn’t raining.

As mentioned, Sunday was a day well spent in that it was as it had been intended to be. The duck enclosure after fall and winter was in a sorry state. The plants clinging to the bean trellis tunnel were well dead and in need of clearing. The bird netting above the enclosure had multiple patched holes.

Debris was cleared, trellis tunnel repaired with some new hazelnut branches, and wire mesh walls shored up and checked. Last but not least, the netting. This stuff is great and horrible. Great in that it does its job. Horrible in that when you go to put it up, it catches on EVERYTHING!!

I made sure to clear the area of all things not necessary that the netting might catch on. First it was attached, at the top of the mesh walls (so well above my head) at one corner. Then stretched and fastened in increments. It’s a very slow process, but the end result is a nice high, taught net that will keep our pet ducks safe from predator birds.

End of a long, fruitful day and I sit, writing this. Glass of Cremant de Bourgogne to hand, relaxing and reflecting. It was a good weekend. A weekend that feels like the start of the new year. Both days were well spent, just in very different, but necessary ways.


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