Anyone reading our blog, gets the idea that we love re-using, recycling and not letting things go to waste. Now take the humble (or pesky, depending on your point of view) Dandelion.

When I was growing up I loved its happy yellow colour, and then when it went to the fluffy stage it was great for blowing on and watching it float away. And then came that transition of being told it was a ‘weed’. I suspect for many of us the Dandelion is our first introduction to the world of supposed bad plants.

It has taken until my middle ages to come full circle again and realise the potential of Dandelions. They are a natural food source, for salads and more, can be made into a soothing oil and have medicinal properties. And now, when I look out at these happy yellow flowers in the garden, I smile again as I collect them up to make use of, rather than try to eradicate.

Homespun Seasonal Living, another of my favourite blogs, gives some great tips, recipes, etc. on what to do with Dandelions.

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  1. Obviously, I love them. Thank you so much for linking me and for letting me know I’m favorite, so very honored.

    1. Author

      I love your blog. It’s very inspirational, and a great source of information for me. So, Thank you. 🙂

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