Keeping cool this summer with Pumpjack Piddlewick

This week the temperatures gave us hints of the summer to come. Evenings are still cool, but days are truly heating up. Gardening in the afternoon is out, unless it is in a shady bit. So it’s all change with my office work. Swapping mornings for afternoons, the garden now gets my attention in the cool of early day. Whilst the cool of the house draws me in in the afternoons.

Once more the ‘shutter system’ comes into play as windows and shutters are opened during the night to bring cool air in. And closed mornings or mid-day (depending on where the window faces) to trap the cool air in.

My office is a dark place now, with fairy lights to brighten the dim. But it is a welcome change after the bright morning light of the garden. Photographing for my FrenchSilkScarf shop is tricky as I do this in the office. It takes precision planning (queue Mission Impossible music) as my shutters must be open for full daylight to come in. And photographs have to be taken before sunlight hits my window and starts to warm up the room. I have a ‘window’ (pun intended) of opportunity currently from 12 til 2pm. Luckily I have the photographic session, styling and shots, down to a science now.

Now if only it was as easy for my Pumpjack & Piddlewick photography. I’ve been moving things around the abri (covered patio). And what with the ducks housing in situ and much more direct sunshine now, well, let’s say it’s a story for another day…


For a taste from my French Silk Scarf Shop of scarves through the decades:

Simply click on an image to see more scarves from the same decade.


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