Baby its cold outside at PumpjackPiddlewick

I’m enjoying a cold snap. And I do say enjoying (sort of) as after all it is winter, and winter has connotations of cold. At least to me.

I grew up in the northern hemisphere, in cold places. And its funny how that dictated where I have travelled. Having done one of those trip advisor maps, where you put pins in all the places you have visited, I realised that I had a predilection to head north. Interesting.

Once knowing this, I started to aim south. At least, a little. I am not a hot climate person. Call it being a redhead (can’t sun bathe, don’t tan, only burn) that probably has me inclined towards cooler climes.

I have discovered, as I have moved and lived in some warmer climates, that I do prefer less cold. I know I prefer less snow. Or actually not so much less snow as less long living slush. That is something I don’t miss at all.

And now I have found the perfect climate – for me. Well, as close as one gets to perfect. Which is not really possible, but I am happy with it. Of course, there are always things one would wish less of (frosts, fog, rain…), but then again the diversity makes one appreciate the preferred more.

Cold is necessary. It make the trees and plants go dormant, so they can be pruned where necessary. This past week has seen me on my mid day break pruning something or other. My lavender, sage and rosemary had shown particular virility. A really good haircut with lots of long fragrant branches cut away. These have been bound up into New Year’s gifts to my neighbours and others in my village.

Raspberries were cut to the quick yesterday, just in time for the current cold snap. As were the currant bushes. The garden is already looking quite a bit tidier. It is starting to look ready for spring plantings.

A couple freezing nights have meant bringing them inside. Interestingly they head straight for the salon and the heater. Neige in particularly loves sitting right up against the radiator.

Speaking about ducks, did you know that ducks have no nerve endings in their feet? This helps with standing on frozen ground or ice. If you see a duck sitting in winter, you know its cold out. They can get frostbite on their feet, so to keep them warm, they sit on them when it is cold outside.

As for our cats, when it’s cold out they want in. I sit as I write this, with Gigi on my lap, Lappy‘s snuggled up next to me and Noisette has snuck herself into my armpit. It’s her thing, but it does make typing a tad trickier. I can see that the sun is out. It will soon warm up the day a little. They will be ready to venture forth into the cold once again after waking up.

And apropos of nothing, except I like the (Dean Martin version of the) song and it goes with today’s musings… as Baby, it’s cold outside (so most of us are staying in).

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