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As autumn rushes in and pushes toward winter, there is something I really look forward to, my own special Closet Change Over Day. It is something I have been doing for goodness knows how long, and still it is a true treat. 

Such a treat in fact that I think it should be nominated as it’s own day, like National Hug Day (January 21). Trouble is it’s fluid. It is never the same day year to year, sometimes not even the same month. You see it all depends on the weather.

Seasonal Patience

This year has been hot. And dry. We are well into October and it is still hot, for this time of year. (If you have been following the weather of France, you will know exactly what I mean.) Closet change over day relies on the weather transitioning from spring, and it’s cooler temperatures, to summer and vice versa come autumn as colder days beckon.

Finally we are heading towards autumn temperatures. Cool enough anyway to decide it was time, as I am chaffing at the bit. Time to change my wardrobe from summer to winter clothes.

Closet Change Over Day

I can’t remember when the changeover of my closet started. But I can remember it came about because my closet was too full. I had everything in there. Everything. In a bid to gain some space, I removed all my winter items (as it was summer), boxed them up, and stored them away. Suddenly I had a closet that not only could I see everything, I could also wear it. Thus it began.

Now twice a year I take everything (and I mean everything) out of my wardrobe, and out of storage, and I transition my closet to the next two seasons. In spring, normally when the weather is becoming too warm for what I have to choose from, I put away all the winter heavy, warm, woolly items, and bring out the short sleeves, cool cottons and paler colours. Vice versa in the autumn.

Be Honest… and a little Ruthless

I am ruthless on Changeover Day. I try things on and check things over. If it doesn’t fit it goes. If I haven’t worn it in the last year, it goes. If it looks really worn, i.e. past it, it goes into my recycling pile. (I love making rag rugs. Holey socks and past it T-shirts are wonderful for this.)  With fresh eyes, I take the opportunity to throw or give away or re-purpose any items I can.

I look on it also as a mental, though generally also an actual, downsizing of my wardrobe. It is surprising how if something is stored away for 6 months, it is much easier to part with. I am not a full-blown minimalist, but I do like space and re-viewing my closet often inspires me to tackle other areas of the house. [For further tips on decluttering, I recommend Pick Up Limes.]

New Wardrobe at No Cost

The best bit about Closet Change Over Day is once I have taken out, washed, mended, ironed and hung my clothes for the cooler weather, I see new colour combinations and discover forgotten pieces. Some are still old favourites, but having not seen them for awhile makes them feel like new friends. 

It is like having a whole new wardrobe, without the cost. And best of all, I don’t feel guilty if I want, or ‘need’, something new to add to my wardrobe for the season.

And in roughly 6 months time, I get to look forward to doing it all again.

Happy Closet Change Over Day!

Mindful Minimalist

I love not owning a lot of things. I am not strictly minimalist, rather a mindful minimalist. I like having the items (and clothes) around me to have special meaning or memories. If you are interested in downsizing, I hope you will enjoy more of my posts on this topic.

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Minimalist Packing

But if, after all this downsizing, you find there is something you truly need. Something made to last, sustainable and one of a kind. Do check out My Shop for unique vintage, antique and handmade finds.

(If anything inspires, simply click on an image to see more.)

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  1. I do exactly the same thing. Except this year it’s been a sort of staged process because the weather has been so unpredictable. I’ve had the summer stuff box open on the bedroom floor and cherry picked from it. It’s all become pretty chaotic and definitely not to be recommended!

    1. Me too! I have kept a few wummery looking warmer clothes in (cream cotton jumper), with the intention that if hot weather does ever hit, I will put these away. As I have discovered those hoover bags, where you suck the air out to make them smaller, storing away has become a dawdle. 🙂

  2. I’m slowly going through my wardrobe too, Amanda.
    There’s so much to donate and throw away. It’s crazy how one can collect so many outfits.

    1. Like my fridge, I feel better when there is less (though sometimes it goes against the grain.) I do like to use the excuse that if I get rid of things I can at least treat myself to one new thing in replacement. Funny enough though, after a change over, as so much seems new, I rarely if ever end up buying anything.

    1. And doesn’t it feel so therapeutic Sabrina when you do do it? I just love the feeling of a whole new wardrobe! I always wish I did it more often, but time and, well, no real need, and did I mention time? mean it ends up being twice a year for me.

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