Making Christmas Cards at PumpjackPiddlewick

With the advent of November, my thoughts start to turn towards Christmas. Not in a commercial sense, though yes sales are picking up in my Shop. Rather, with the changing of the clocks, the colder weather creeping in and the shorter days, the increased darker hours gain a warmer purpose. They are now turned over to making Christmas cards, decorations and handmade holiday season gifts.

When it comes to repurposing and reusing, I am not one for wasting the opportunity that Christmas brings. As I love writing letters, this time of year presents a wonderful excuse to put pen to paper, or rather card, or rather junk journal card.

I can’t remember the last time I purchased a box of cards. Instead, it’s all about reusing cards received (so please keep them coming), as well as other bits of paper and ephemera I have to hand. If you are familiar with junk journals (google it if you are not, you may be creatively inspired), these cards are along those lines in that you use up scraps of stuff to make them.

As these take time, both in the making and writing, I often (and generally) find myself sending cards well into the New Year. So I don’t really think on them as Christmas cards. It’s a bit of an excuse, but there is something pleasing about sending cards after the seasons flurry.

It’s also very French, I discovered. It’s not about Christmas cards here. It’s about wishing a happy new year. Maybe subconsciously I am going native when my cards go out after Christmas. Well, when in France… still, it rather makes sense, too. As religions, and depth of or lack there of, vary amongst friends and many now go away for the holidays, sending a card to celebrate a new year is quite a lovely concept. Still, I do love that the holiday season gives me the impetus to make them, no matter when they get sent.

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Fancy making your own Christmas cards this year? (Or New Year) How about some inspiration then…

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