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Little Moment Vignettes from a slow living, simple, country village life in France. Taking a moment in time and savouring it, saving it and sharing it.

I have been a duckling mother now for two weeks. And it may be my memory, but I am enjoying this so much more than the first time. Yes, there are differences, but experience is a very helpful thing. When Maggie was hatched everything was new, experiences and mistakes alike.Read More →

Do you consider mustard a weed - PumpjackPiddlewick

I have given up on weeds. Okay, maybe not entirely, but I have decided to live and let live. And eat. In reading and watching lots of ‘how to’ in gardening, weeds are a verbose topic throughout the medium. Generally with a view as to how to eradicate. Well, maybeRead More →

Moments of chaos and moments of calm at PumpjackPiddlewick

There are moments of chaos in life. Luckily, they are often followed by moments of calm. Case in point, this morning… Let’s set the scene. Dawn. A grey, slightly cool dawning. Gabby, our duckling duly fed and had her play time, she is now snuggled into my scarf to sleepRead More →

Ducks and imprinting information at PumpjackPiddlewick

Imprinting. It’s what ducks do. Normally, they imprint on another duck. But not always. In our world of ducks (and other animals) we have only had one, Maggie, imprinting on a ‘non-duck’, e.g. me, Piddlewick. It is not something we would generally choose, through experience, but sometimes needs must. ButRead More →