Pet Antics and Other Tails (Page 2)

We have enjoyed a wide variety of pets and pet antics over the past few years. We can boast a small chaos of characters, from rabbits to cats, ducks to dog, not to mention snakes, hedgehogs, owls and the odd mouse or 47.

All of their frolics inspire us to write and photograph, even video, them. You can read about their adventures here, as well as see their antics on Pumpjack & Piddlewick on Instagram.

On the search for a missing cat at PumpjackPiddlewick

And so with great drama, tears and worry, we return to normal today (hopefully). This past week, we have been worried about a missing cat. Our Gigi decided to disappear a week ago. Strong in personality, super smart and definitely alpha in our menagerie (along with Maggie, head duck.) WeRead More →

Why build an ordinary gate, when you can build a mathematical gate? At least that was Pumpjack’s thought process. And heck our ducks and chickens deserve the best. A little background behind the thinking. During the summer, the gate to the chicken and duck enclosure gave up its life. ItRead More →

relaxing in our living room with cats dog duck and two guinea pigs

It’s a quiet Sunday afternoon. The day is overcast, so a tad cooler. Gabby and I have just come in from a little weeding in the garden and picking some vegetables for tonight’s dinner. The perfect opportunity to enjoy a sit down over a cup of tea in our livingRead More →

How w neded up with a menagerie at PumpjackPiddlewick

Menagerie [ muh-naj-uh-ree] noun a collection of wild or unusual animals, especially for exhibition. an unusual and varied group of people. Pumpjack & Piddlewick non-Victorian variation on the definition: 3. an unusual and varied group of animals defining interspecies possibilities. I grew up travelling a lot so there was veryRead More →