Our first harvest was about bees, birds, mildew and rot at PumpjackPiddlewick

We were given the go ahead to work on our restoration vineyard in September. Right in the middle of harvest time. Talk about thrown in the deep end. The plus side is from the get go we would know what we were dealing with: bees, birds, mildew and rot. AtContinue Reading

Finding a vineyard in Burgundy with PumpjackPiddlewick

In conjunction with our finding a vineyard in Burgundy (Part 1 & Part 2), there is another story to tell in our unfolding wine making saga in France. This story began at a similar time, and developed along side, the discovering of SAFER and all we undertook with them. TheContinue Reading

Finding a vineyard in France can be rather difficult at PumpjackPiddlewick

Finding a vineyard in France is not easy at the best of times. Add in a lack of understanding of French and it becomes downright difficult. But we were determined to give it a go. After attending the public meeting with SAFER in Chichee about vineyards for sale, we cameContinue Reading

How to find a French vineyard with PumpjackPiddlewick

We spent our first half a year here in France trying to understand how things worked. In particular, trying to figure out how to find a vineyard to buy or rent. Alongside, we both needed to learn and improve our French. Fast. We had come to France after all toContinue Reading