Maggie… the Duck

Maggie is our accidental pet duck. We had no intention or forewarning that we would be the proud parents of a duck, but from the moment we found her abandoned egg and hatched her we had no choice but to learn, love and ride the roller coaster of life with a wee force called Maggie.

We’ll blame Gigi, our cat, for Maggie, our pet duck, learning to fly. Gigi and Maggie came into our household only weeks apart, both as babies, e.g. kitten and duckling. So they grew up together as siblings. And like sibling sisters, they loved and loathed each other. Gigi loved toRead More →

What is it like to have a duck as a pet? Let's find out at PumpjackPiddlewick

What nobody tells you when you find yourself with a duck as a pet, is unlike cats, dogs, and even chickens and rabbits, there are almost no instruction manuals, helpful hint videos, or even how to sites (of any use) on how to raise a duck.  So what is itRead More →

Maggies does not like the weather today at PumpjackPiddlewick

The weather simply won’t make up its mind. We’ve been enjoying a mild moment over the holidays. Morning fogs to bright sunny skies. And come Wednesday a fall in temperature and we are back to being cold, but with sun. I am very curious what this winter will bring. EvenRead More →

Rest in Peace Maggie forever in our hearts at PumpjackPiddlewick

Rest in Peace our dear dear Maggie. We lost our Maggie just before Christmas. It was so sudden, with no forewarning, and no chance to say goodbye. I feel rudderless, adrift in cotton wool. Numb in the mind. To all intensive purposes she was my child. I hatched her, watchedRead More →