Maggie… the Duck

Maggie is our accidental pet duck. We had no intention or forewarning that we would be the proud parents of a duck, but from the moment we found her abandoned egg and hatched her we had no choice but to learn, love and ride the roller coaster of life with a wee force called Maggie.

Margaret Thatcher aka Maggie enters our lives and begins her reign of duck world at PumpjackPiddlewick

This is the story of how Margaret Thatcher, aka Maggie, came into our lives. She has gone on to become the Queen of our duck world and rules it with an iron fist. Or is that wing? Or foot? Her story begins in spring of 2015… It started with losingRead More →

Let’s face it, having a pet duck is not common. And I get asked A LOT about how messy ducks are. Consequently I spend quite a bit of time talking about diapering a duck. Yes, there is such a thing as duck (and chicken) diapers. One of my favourite andRead More →

what makes a bad duck mom at PumpjackPiddlewick

We have a bad duck mom. That’s right. We admit it. Our Maggie is really crap at being a mom. I mean, who knew? Yeah, there are good and bad mums in the human world, but who would have figured this was also the case in the duck world? IRead More →

Understanding Duck boundaries at PumpjackPiddlewick

If you have ever flown, you may realise that from above all looks different. And this is true for ducks as well. If you have pet ducks, and you don’t clip their wings, they could fly away simply because they don’t recognise the familiar from above. Or… you can teachRead More →