Gardening Mischiefs (Page 2)

Although new to gardening, we have always wanted to grow our own veg. Over the past few years in France we have tried a variety of styles of gardening beds, types of vegetables and even various timings. We keep learning from our mistakes, and our successes, and then sharing our garden tales with you.

Explore with us as we re-purpose water bottles into planters and recycle pallets into garden beds, try our hand at wattling and simply see what grows in our garden.

Oh, and let us not forget foraging…

I admit it wholeheartedly, I am in love with pallets. They are right up there with shipping containers in versatility ~ but maybe, just slightly, more transportable and easier to work with. So, when I came across a picture on Pinterest for a hanging garden bed made from pallets, IRead More →

Whatever is Wattling? Wattling is an old fashioned, and rather beautiful, way of making fencing our of thin sticks and posts. How to: With good size stakes, pound them into the ground about a foot/30cm or so apart. You then weave, preferably green, thin-ish branches back and fort through theRead More →