French Findings (Page 2)

Life in France is more than foie gras, pinot noir and smelly cheeses.  In our French Findings we talk of cultural differences, the funny and the sad, the good and the bad, what we particularly love about France and some of the weird and wonderful things we have discovered being here.

Come and discover our French Findings…

Is French Life Better? We give 10 reasons at PumpjackPiddlewick

After a recent trip to the UK we had a brief thought of moving back. We miss pubs, curry’s and being able to walk into, well, anywhere and be able to converse with ease and understanding.  Then we returned to France and realised we could visit Britain for the firstRead More →

Have you ever driven in Paris and France at PumpjackPiddlewick Blog

I have been working hard on a blog post about how to save money or clear debt by living on 50 (£ $ €) a week but I was derailed. I had to make not one, but two trips to Paris this week, and since it is only Wednesday, thatRead More →

Discover French Country Life with PumpjackPiddlewick

Join me as I perambulate through some thoughts, stereotypes and cultural differences vis-à-vis France and its countryside. I’ve touched on how we ended up in France in a few posts (links below), but with our new website I felt it was time to focus a bit closer on the FrenchRead More →

Whats all the fuss about French Markets with PumpjackPiddlewick

You may have noticed that any cooking show about food and France always shows someone shopping in a French market, sniffing veg, squeezing fruit and generally making out that this is Am-aaa-zing. But is it? Now I am a foodie. Yup, I love food. But not just to eat, toRead More →