Thursday night is leftovers night at PumpjackPiddlewick

When I was growing up, Thursday was leftovers night in our house. My Mum would reheat everything we hadn’t finished that week. I remember it fondly, as well as with a shudder. It was a real mix of dishes. A mish mosh of flavours, too, but we had to eatContinue Reading

It's easy and healthier to make your own pet food from PumpjackPiddlewick

If you read any of my food related stories, you will know I like good food, real food here at Pumpjack & Piddlewick. So for the furry pets in my life I felt it only fair that they get good, real food as well. That is, no preservatives, fillers, etc.Continue Reading

We are nuts about hazelnuts here at PumpjackPiddlewick - Recipes included

I am nuts about nuts. I love to eat them, but even more so I love to cook with them ~ then eat them. Given the chance, I could spend on nuts what others spend at a coffee shop, easily and regularly. I can’t decide if walnuts or hazelnuts areContinue Reading

Continuing an autumn theme by making apple compote with PumpjackPiddlewick

Following on an apple theme, having written about making apple juice from left over apple peels and cores, I thought it might be worth actually posting a recipe for what to with the actual apples. My personal favourite – apple compote. What is Apple Compote? But first you may ask, dependingContinue Reading

Making apple juice out of cores and peels at PumpjackPiddlewick

I’m sitting here, writing this blog post with a pot of apple cores and peels on the boil on the stove. It is deliciously wafting an apple scent into the room. And soon it will turn into apple juice. In the meantime, a bowl of vanilla ice cream and justContinue Reading