Fur and Feathers Frolics

We have been incredibly lucky in that the animals that have come into our lives have sported various types of fur and feathers. Over the years we can boast a small chaos of characters, from rabbits to cats, ducks to owls, not to mention snakes, hedgehogs and the odd mouse or 47.

All of their frolics inspire us to write and photograph, even video, them. You can read about their adventures here, as well as see their antics on Pumpjack & Piddlewick on Instagram.

Cat carriers are not just for cats at PumpjackPiddlewick

Have you ever given a thought about the humble cat carrier? Thought not. Most people don’t give it a glance until it gets called into play to take their cat to the vet. If the cat carrier had a conscience, it would feel pretty miserable about itself. But cat carriersRead More →

Do you love or hate autumn asks PumjackPiddlewick

I can honestly say I don’t like Autumn. And… I can honestly say I love it. It is probably my favourite season. Okay, second favourite. Because I hate the dark. Not that monster under your bed kind of fear hate, but the days closing in hate.  And if I amRead More →

Home Sweet Home Our pet duck Maggie stacking her claim in the chicken and duck run at PumpjackPiddlewick

This spring we built a chicken duck enclosure. After much planning, reviewing and more planning, we finally threw all the ideas away and went for simple and inexpensive and the least amount of disruption to our feathered flock as possible. Creatures of Habit Chickens, and particularly ducks, well at leastRead More →

Dog walkies, along with cats and ducks too at PumpjackPiddlewick

I am new to having a dog, and new to the ritual of dog walkies. With Pumpjack working as an Oenologist in Chablis for the harvest season, it fell to me to walk our young Chewie in the mornings. This was not something I was looking forward to. Particularly asRead More →