Duck 101 – Learn About Ducks

Always wanted ducks? A pet duck? An imprinted duck, but aren’t sure what’s involved? We hope we can help. We have had pet ducks for many years, including imprinted ducks and have learned a thing or two along the way. So we hope we can answer some of your questions in our Duck 101.

We’ll blame Gigi, our cat, for Maggie, our pet duck, learning to fly. Gigi and Maggie came into our household only weeks apart, both as babies, e.g. kitten and duckling. So they grew up together as siblings. And like sibling sisters, they loved and loathed each other. Gigi loved toRead More →

What is it like to have a duck as a pet? Let's find out at PumpjackPiddlewick

What nobody tells you when you find yourself with a duck as a pet, is unlike cats, dogs, and even chickens and rabbits, there are almost no instruction manuals, helpful hint videos, or even how to sites (of any use) on how to raise a duck.  So what is itRead More →

Home Sweet Home Our pet duck Maggie stacking her claim in the chicken and duck run at PumpjackPiddlewick

When we moved to our ‘new’ house the first thing we built was a duck enclosure. Forget hot water, heating or anything else in our restoration home, this was much more important. After much planning, reviewing and more planning around the space we had decided upon, we finally threw allRead More →

Nesting ducks on Easter at PumpjackPiddlewick

And now we enter the phase of nesting ducks. Somehow it seems appropriate that with Easter comes nesting ducks. We can definitely see why ducks (and chickens) and eggs have become synonymous. We went from our duck difficulties of finding a mate in February to brooding ducks in March. NestingRead More →