What About Wine

Our Dream began with wine. No, not a glass of wine, but actually about wine. The whole having a vineyard in France, making wine, type of dream. Pumpjack, our delicious Oenologist, has always worked in the wine industry, and then a few years ago he went on to get his degree in wine making and vineyards (otherwise known as Oenology and Viticulture). After working at other wineries around the world to hone his craft, we decided to take the plunge and Follow Our Dream of making our own wines. Here’s what it is like….

Read a good book this weekend recommended by Vive le Livre Book Club at PumpjackPiddlewick

As a partner in wine, I am always on the lookout for lovely little reads about the fermented grape. This time we are in Tuscany for a little sun and plonk, (how many words can you think of for wine?) as we recommend Cooking with Frenet Branca by James Hamilton-Paterson.Read More →

Read a good book this weekend recommended by Vive le Livre Book Club at PumpjackPiddlewick

Joanne Harris is famous for her book Chocolat (another Bon Livre), but my personal favourite is Blackberry Wine. Not really surprising, as the overall concept is about wine (a personal favourite focus), but also I adore that it is narrated by a bottle of wine. That unusual aspect in itselfRead More →

I make no secret that Pumpjack, aka David, is my very own, personal wine maker. Am I lucky, or what?  I’ve detailed our adventures in finding a vineyard after moving here to France, as well as what’s involved in working a vineyard (read back breaking work) ~ see Our WineRead More →

Happy 2017 Resolutions for Pumpjack Piddlewick

I absolutely adore that the advent of the New Year gives one a sense of renewal, a chance to reflect and consequently focus on ones short and long term goals.  We have lots of changes planned for 2017 and, I must say, yes, I must, that we are very, veryRead More →