Growing Our Garden Greens

Although new to gardening, we have always believed in and have wanted to grow our own food. Over the past few years in France we have tried a variety of styles of growing, types of vegetables and even various timings. We keep learning from our mistakes and our successes, and then sharing our garden tales with you.

Explore with us as we re-purpose water bottles into planters and recycle pallets into garden beds, try our hand at wattling and simply see what grows in our garden. Questions and advice welcomed.

Les Nécessités in my Portmanteau - The garden necessity at PumpjackPIddlewick

Our in My Portmanteau series reveals a collection of Les Nécessités, those necessary items that must go with us wherever we go, whether linked to memories, are ever so practical, or simply just so darned fun and frivolous it’s a jolly laugh to keep. We like to view them asRead More →

Are you taking care of your trees and pruning suckers? | PumpjackPiddlewick

One of the great benefits of living with someone who has a degree in oenology and viticulture (wine making and vineyard management) is that he is a wiz at pruning. Pumpjack really understands how things grow and what to do when. And, he is my mentor. Vineyards are just organisedRead More →

WIld Violets foraged for tea and syrup at PumpjackPiddlewick

I know Spring is on its way when the yellows and purples start to show up in the garden. Daffodils start show their sunny faces and purple violets peek up at me from the ground. Make Me Smile Flowers Violets are my favourite flower, which in a way is aRead More →

Happy 2017 Resolutions for Pumpjack Piddlewick

I absolutely adore that the advent of the New Year gives one a sense of renewal, a chance to reflect and consequently focus on ones short and long term goals.  We have lots of changes planned for 2017 and, I must say, yes, I must, that we are very, veryRead More →