Animal Antics

We live and work surrounded by a cast of characters:
Leading the pack is our Maggie, an accidental pet duck who lives with us.
She is mother to our other ducks; Sir Studly, Tequila, Sunny and our little Beepbeep.
Chewie is our standard sized dachschund, and puts up with a lot!
Our cats are Gigi (ginger), mother to Lapsong Suchong (tiger) and Noisette (tortoiseshell)
The Chickens round out the fun, with our gentlemanly Mr Coq (otherwise known as Pumpjack) looking after his girls; Piddlewick (brown), Gertrude (grey), and Goth (black).
There isn’t a day that doesn’t go by where we don’t enjoy their antics.
Join in, laugh, cry and see what they get up to…

Do you love or hate autumn asks PumjackPiddlewick

I can honestly say I don’t like Autumn. And… I can honestly say I love it. It is probably my favourite season. Okay, second favourite. Because I hate the dark. Not that monster under your bed kind of fear hate, but the days closing in hate.  And if I amRead More →

Home Sweet Home Our pet duck Maggie stacking her claim in the chicken and duck run at PumpjackPiddlewick

This spring we built a chicken duck enclosure. After much planning, reviewing and more planning, we finally threw all the ideas away and went for simple and inexpensive and the least amount of disruption to our feathered flock as possible. Creatures of Habit Chickens, and particularly ducks, well at leastRead More →

Read a good book this weekend recommended by Vive le Livre Book Club at PumpjackPiddlewick

It had to be. You move to France, you’re learning French and you get a cat, so it would be required for someone to give you a little book called French for Cats. Like I said, it had to be. After all, your cat has to learn to understand FrenchRead More →

Vote Maggie Margret Thatcher for President of France at PumpjackPiddlewick

We named our pet duck Maggie after Margaret Thatcher. Mainly because she bullied her way into this life, and continues to do so. Nothing stops our Maggie from getting what she wants. Consequently, we think she would make a perfect president, for France. Well, for anywhere really, but as FranceRead More →